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SHAREit for Windows – Laptops, but even smart appliances, are very popular. The problem is when files between these gadgets need to be moved. Preferably, you wirelessly do it. You are supported with this by the SHAREit software application. By developing applications that help in the transfer of information between gadgets, Lenovo is also reaching out to software application development. Besides that, to enhance sharing features, you can also synchronize data between devices.

shareit for windows 10 PC

What is Shareit on a Computer?

SHAREit is a fantastic Lenovo-designed file transfer and sync tool that allows users to share information and multimedia between PCs and phones, such as smartphones and tablets. This app can be helpful for sharing all sorts of files, including photos, videos, and even Android apps, over a WiFi network.

The main interface of SHAREit is pleasing to the eye and provides a fast way of sending and receiving data. The user interface consists of an icon along with the name of the gadget it is attached to.

With SHAREit, you can send files between two gadgets easily, regardless of the OS on which they run. It indicates that your data has been sent to Android or to Windows PC / laptop from Windows Phone to Windows 10 PC / laptop, iPhone or iPad.

You can also create user groups so that at any point you can transfer files between multiple users. Share everything from more popular file formats (pictures, images, MP3) to less common file formats on your smartphone, such as address books, APKs, or other file types.

SHAREit – Wireless File Transfer Application

Applications, images, and videos are the process of transferring files with a wireless connection and some data that can be transferred. The size of the information to be transferred refers to the time taken. It can take you a long time to practice a little patience sometimes.

All you need is to change the wireless connection between gadgets and to make them discoverable by using advanced settings. You are now clicking on the perfect device at this point and pairing it. Without a link or a USB cable TV, you can share files.

With all the steps you’ll need to complete the application, the user interface has an online tutorial. The only drawback of the SHAREit application is that, in order for it to work efficiently, you need to have those programs set up on your computer. This method is available as a simple and interactive application that allows information to be shared between compatible devices.

How do I Download Shareit?

  1. On your desktop PC, open your web browser, type SHAREit, and press enter. Or, to visit the page in full, you can click here.
  2. You can press the Windows icon on the home screen of the SHAREit website and wait a second to download the SHAREit.exe file.
  3. Go to the download location where the .exe file was downloaded and to download it, click on the SHAREit icon.
  4. After that, to approve and install the SHAREit app, you have to click on the Accept button.
  5. The Setup wizard of the SHAREit application appears after approving the terms and conditions, where you need to check the Build desktop shortcut box and press the Next button.
  6. You need to pick a destination on the next screen where SHAREit needs to be installed. By default, a selected location will appear and you can press the Browse button to choose a different location if necessary. Click a button called Next.
  7. In a few seconds, the installation phase will now be up and running. Now, to finish the setup, click on the Finished button.
  8. To share files between devices, the SHAREit app will open with a home screen where you must select the Accept button.
  9. Next, the following page will open displaying your SHAREit hotspot name and password for your PC with a few other choices.
  10. The few sharing from a smartphone can click on your smartphone’s Connect to PC option to create a connection. Click View QR Code or Scan HotSpot for mobile options if you are using a PC to connect.
  11. As shown below with the available SHAREit user avatars, SHAREit on PC displays the available connections.
  12. Then select the avatar with which you want your files to be shared and wait until the connection is created. You can then pick files or applications to be shared on or from the PC.

That’s done and you’re done downloading and installing through the Direct Method SHAREit for PC.

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